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      New York City, umbrellas on 5th Avenue a rainy day in May       Glicee Fine Art Print on 100% cotton fibre art paper or
      canvas. Limited edition 15 pictures.




New York City, 401 Broadway and the Woolworth Building.
Glicee Fine Art Print on 100% cotton fibre art paper or canvas.
Limited edition 15 pictures


          If you are looking for something new and different in photographic art you have just found it.

                        I offer a selection of decorative photographic paintings together with a variety of Street Pictures.
                        All in limited editions, signed, numbered and delivered together with a certificate of authenticity         

My pictures are printed on Fine Art Paper made of 100% cotton
fibre or Canvas made of Linen Cloth of the highest quality.The
materials used in the process ensures that the colors will not 
fade or change for at least 60 years (75 for the canvas prints
and 110 for the b&w prints). The canvas pictures are stretched
on 200 mm or 380 mm deep frames of glued European pine.

The high quality ink and canvas/paper give a special depth
and smothness to the colors.which do not show on a screen
or a monitor. But go ahead have a look and imagine how they
would look on one of your walls.


Latest update  2017-09-20

Street Photo Dublin [07] ONE STEP AT THE TIME #1 (Format 1x1) Street Photo Dublin [08] ONE STEP AT THE TIME #2 (Format 1x1) Street Photo Dublin [09] ONE STEP AT THE TIME #3 (Format 1x1). Street Photo New York [01]  STEP MOTHER  (Format 16x9) Street Photo New York [02] BB SHARKS (Format 1x1) Street Photo New York [04]  MEDICINE MAN  (Format 3x2) Street Photo New York [06] GRAY LINE TICKETS (Format 1x1). Street Photo New York [09] FINGERS  (Format 4x3) Street Photo New York [11] BORN IN THE USA (Format 3x4) Street Photo New York [17] HARLEM HAIRDO (Format 1x1) Street Photo New York [18]  THE NAKED COWBOY  (Format 1x1) Street Photo New York [19]  NAKED COWBOY SHOCK  (Format 4x3) Street Photo [02]  TAKING A BREAK  (Slottsträdgårdens Kafe´ Malmö  2012) Street Photo [05]  BICYCLES  (Aalborg 2012). Street Photo [06]  OOOPS!  (Las Palmas 2012) Street Photo [07]  PLAY OFF  (Las Palmas 2012) Street Photo [10] ROLLING (Drottninggatan Stockholm 2011) Street Photo [11] TOGETHERNESS (kungsgatan Göteborg 2012) Street Photo [12] MAMA`S NIGHTMARE (Puerto de Mogan 2011) Street Photo [14] BALLERINA ( Göteborgsvarvet 2011) Street Photo [15] CHATTING UP (Carnaby Street, London 2013) Street Photo [16 ]  THE MASTERCHEF, THE HEADWAITER AND THE BARRISTA  (Hammarkullen, Göteborg 2011) Street Photo [17]  ON THE BUS  (Göteborg 2012) Street Photo [18] FAKTUM (Malmö 2013) Street Photo [20] FIREMEN (Las Palmas 2012) Street Photo [22] SUN GLASSES (Oxford Street London 2013) Street Photo [25]  CARNIVAL DANCER  (Hammarkullen, Göteborg 2011) Street Photo [26]  SO SORRY (Funchal 2012) Street Photo [27]  CLICK (Hammarkullen 2011) Street Photos [17] MAKING PLANS (Funchal 2012)

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